Guest Speaker
Tom Bull
General Manager LAMBPRO

Winner of the Weekly Times Coles 2018 Farmer of the Year, Tom Bull is on a mission to create the world's best lamb chop. Running 6500 ewes on 4000 acres producing genetics for clients that will this year produce a whopping 800,000 lambs, Tom is known for his efforts in breeding sheep for marbling — a key trait when it comes to meat eating quality. With an aim to develop “the Wagyu of the lamb world”, Tom has conducted numerous trials in recent years to identify the best rams and ewes for marbling traits and breed from them. 


Tom see's a future where farmers are rewarded with significant premiums for producing top-shelf lamb.


LAMBPRO is a family owned and run business based at Holbrook NSW. The core business is a genetics provider, in the form of rams to many of Australia’s leading lamb producers in Eastern Australia. LAMBPRO is Australia’s largest sheep genetics supplier. In addition genetics are sold to New Zealand, South America and the Middle East.


Tom Bull started breeding his own sheep at the age of ten. After leaving University Tom worked in an abattoir to gain experience in the meat industry at a practical level. After a year cutting up meat, Tom, worked at Meat and Livestock Australia in the Processing and Product Innovation business unit. The business commercialised numerous technologies, including VIAscan and meat yield measurement technology which is still in use in many New Zealand lamb plants. In 2001 Tom left MLA to continue breeding sheep, and purchased his first property. Since then the business has gone from 100 ewes on 100 acres, to 6500 ewes on 4000 acres.


LAMBPRO has been an industry leader in the use of objective measurement, market development and technology uptake in the sheep industry.

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